Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Water Damage?

It’s a question you may not think to ask until you find yourself ankle-deep in water from a burst pipe. Will my insurance cover this?

How Homeowners Insurance Handles Water Damage

Policies differ between companies, but most will cover specific damage, such as accidents and some unavoidable incidents. Other problems resulting from a lack of maintenance or homeowner care aren’t covered.

Accidents Covered by Homeowners Insurance

Most policies will cover damages to your home if the cause is sudden and accidental. Some examples of this damage include:

  • Water heater rupture
  • Pipe burst
  • Washing machine supply hose breaks

Your policy may cover your home or personal possessions that get damaged. Dwelling coverages could help repair damaged drywall, while private property coverage could help repair or replace a damaged laptop.

Water Damage Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

While your policy may cover sudden and accidental damages, there are many kinds of water damage that a policy may not cover. As a general rule, your policy may not cover damages caused by preventable issues — such as ignored maintenance on a leaking faucet or appliance.

Other kinds of damage not covered by a typical homeowners policy include:

  • Flooding
  • Water backups from sewers and drains
  • Repairs to the source of water damage

It’s important to know what your specific insurance will cover and to call for repairs when you suspect any issue, large or small.

Philadelphia Water Restoration Services You Can Trust

Sustaining water damage of any magnitude can be devastating. And when you’re left picking up the pieces, it can make matters even worse. Solution? Contact the professional Philadelphia water restoration team at TLC Drain & Sewer to help save the day.

With work that is 100% guaranteed for years to come, you’ll never have to worry. For more information, contact us at (215) 935-4099 or reach out to us online.


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