Signs You Have a Water Leak at Your Home

How Can I Tell if I Have a Water Leak at My House?

One of the most startling realizations for many homeowners is discovering that they have a water leak on their property. While some might be more evident than others, there are times when you might not know that you have one present — which can be a nightmare.

If you think that you have a water leak on your property but aren’t too sure, here are some common signs that indicate that you should call a leak detection specialist right away:

Common Signs of a Water Leak at Home

Water Bills Mysteriously Increase

If you feel as if you’ve been using a decent amount of H2O each day but your water bills continue to increase, there’s a chance that you have a water leak on your hands. Whether the leak is big or small, any amount of dripping H2O can contribute to your water consumption without you even knowing it!

Bright Green Patches on Your Lawn

Another way to tell that you have a leak on your property is if you spot miscellaneous, bright green patches on your lawn. This can indicate a crack in your sewer line, and any waste that attempted to travel through it was pushed to the surface and fertilized the soil.

The Smell of Mold Appears

Typically in any home, you may find a small mold or mildew formation — which can be cleaned up in a flash. However, if that scent has randomly appeared out of nowhere (and wasn’t there before), but you cannot spot any visible mold formations, chances are there may be a hidden drain leak — which could spell disaster.

Let TLC Find the Leak on Your Property

If you suspect you are dealing with a drain or sewer leak, make sure to call TLC Drain & Sewer for leak detection right away. From sewage spills to flooded basements, leaks in your line can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage and create a hazardous situation on your property.

Give TLC Drain & Sewer a call at (215) 935-4099 to schedule your appointment with our leak detection experts.

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