6 Common Household Items That Can Cause A Housefire

Your home should be a safe haven for you, your loved ones, and all your treasured possessions. But with so many threats to that safety lurking in even the most innocuous things, it can feel stressful to protect your home.

Be Careful of These Home Fire Hazards

Our team is going over and highlighting some of the most surprising fire hazards in the home that you may not think (or know) about.

Excessive Lint

How often do you empty the lint trap in your dryer? Letting lint accumulate is the equivalent of gathering tinder to start a fire. Dryer lint is highly flammable and can catch on fire with relative ease in your dryer. Keep the lint trap free and clear to avoid this safety hazard.

Hanging Fabric

Drapes and curtains can make a home appear more put together and complete, but they can also cause problems at home. Soft materials allow fire to move through a larger space more quickly and can allow flames to spread with ease. Keep any hanging fabric away from heating elements like fireplaces, string lights, and space heaters to avoid catastrophe.


When was the last time you dusted your HVAC system or cleaned the filter? Like lint, letting dust accumulate causes your HVAC system to work harder. Clean your system regularly to decrease the chances of a house fire.

Mismatched Bulbs

Do you know what kind of bulbs your lamps require? Putting the wrong watt bulb into a lighting fixture can cause a short circuit, leading to a fire.

Cooking Oil

Cooking can be a great family activity, but cooking with oil has its dangers. Oil is highly flammable, so it’s important to monitor cooking and teach your family members the proper way to put out a grease fire.

Extension Cords

Don’t rely on extension cords, and never plug an extension cord into another extension cord. Knowing how to use these tools appropriately can prevent overheating and keep your home and family safe.

TLC Drain & Sewer can help you restore your home after a fire. Contact our team online or by phone at (215) 935-4099 to learn more!


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