What Can Cause a Plumbing Leak?

One common nightmare that many homeowners share is a plumbing leak. Whether the leak is big or small, it’s never a good sign and must be taken care of right away. Failure to do so could result in higher water bills, potential flooding, and even irreversible water damage.

However, it’s typically a mystery to most about how plumbing leaks can form in the first place. If you’re curious about why they pop up at the most unexpected times, here are a few reasons for the problem at hand.

How Do Plumbing Leaks Form?

Clogged Drain

If you have a clogged drain on your hands, no matter the severity of the blockage, make sure to have that cleared right away. Believe it or not, some items that are the root of the problem could contain corrosive chemicals that can eat through the pipe — this will eventually lead to the dreaded leak in your home.

Frozen Pipes

Another common reason why you may encounter a plumbing leak in your home is if your plumbing pipes freeze. When the temperature drops to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower, water will freeze and expand your pipes — eventually making them crack under pressure.

Pipe Corrosion

Do you happen to use a chemical drain cleaner every time you encounter a clogged drain pipe in your home? If so, this quick fix will not only clear the clog, but it will also eat away at the pipe’s surface. When this happens, the pipe begins to corrode and will eventually burst.

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